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Lykus Security - Transportation & Private Security Solutions Across Central Asia

Our Vision


Our world today is subject to a variety of diverse and complex security risks, bringing with them varying degrees of threat to personal, corporate, and public safety. LYKUS Security is dedicated to providing effective, professional solutions through our network of Central Asia-based operations, while continuously monitoring the ever-changing landscape of global threat.

We are committed to constantly developing new methods of close security provision, as well as modern strategies and equipment, while keeping the satisfaction and enjoyable user-experience of our clients in mind.

Our Team


LYKUS Operational Teams understand the industry. Our hand-picked, specially trained personnel consist of former regional law enforcement and military officers, ensuring that your experience is guaranteed to meet the highest international standards.

Multi-lingual, locally-sourced teams with an expert understanding of the wider challenges of close personal protection and crisis management have been, and always will be, a core factor of our success.

Our Guarantee


Although we are relatively new to the local market, we already provide a wide spectrum of security services for prominent, multi-national Western companies across Mongolia, Georgia and all 5 Central Asian countries – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Our clients trust us to deliver a wide range of first-class logistical support, from critical security assessment to expert close personal protection missions. LYKUS Top Operations Managers have years of invaluable international experience, having previously worked with various top-bench Oil & Gas companies throughout the region. Our teams’ extensive knowledge of the political, social and ethnic issues that drive local communities guarantees the continued success of our operations.

Why choose Lykus Security?

We have committed ourselves to 4 core values in order to ensure that we continue to uphold the high standards and achieve the effective results that have made us so popular with our clients.



Your queries will not be transferred to an operator. We understand the importance of effective communication in the age of widespread globalisation, and we deal with every client personally, through the individual's preferred method of correspondence.


Our Operations Teams consist of only the best people for the job. LYKUS Security Officers have been chosen due to their extensive experience, linguistic capabilities, attention to detail, and varied skill set.


LYKUS Security staff have been active in the region long enough to know exactly what to do in any emergency situation. Your comfort and peace of mind are their priority, and they will ensure that you are kept up-to-date and informed throughout the entirety of your journey.

Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients in order to establish the trust and mutual understanding needed to ensure a swift, successful operation every time. Our tailored approach gives us the flexibility of a personalized service without compromising on efficiency. We love hearing back from previous clients, and look forward to your feedback!