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Lykus Security Services Across Central Asia - Consultation, Transport & Logistics

Security Consultancy


Professional, reliable security is essential when it comes to protecting your assets - whether they’re personal, business-related or both.

Our specialist knowledge of the local markets and regions, as well as close working relations with local law-enforcement professionals, means we can provide you with an in-depth analysis of the real-time risks to your business or person.

Emergency Evacuations


Our considerable experience in the field of emergency evacuations has proven invaluable in recent years due to heightened political turmoil and cultural clashes. Should anything happen, you can trust our local partner teams to quickly and safely evacuate your personnel from the region.

We can also help you to formulate contingency security plans, including evacuations and assessments of nearby border-crossing options. Through liaison with local law-enforcement and state security agencies, LYKUS can provide an on-going assessment of the local security situation.

Secure Transport


Our security fleets consist of a vast range of specialized vehicles and drivers that are fit for any purpose or task.

Highly skilled security personnel are capable of handling their vehicles to the very limits of their performance, even under extreme pressure. Safety is paramount, and all of our partner drivers possess high standards of defensive, evasive and convoy driving skills.

SWOT/PEST Analysis


Are you, or your organisation, considering taking the first step towards relocating to Central Asia? Perhaps you are already there, but are unsure how to make the most of the local business environment?

LYKUS Security provides tailored advice and support throughout the region, focused on assisting you with targeted market research strategies, information support, and risk evaluation reports. Expert project managers know the market like no one else, ensuring that your venture gets off to a flying start.

Business Intelligence


Regional business intelligence teams are invaluable when it comes to risky business decisions. Using the latest market research, as well as high-end analytics tools, Lykus BI specialists can help you optimize performance and minimize risk, with the added bonus of a permanent, on-the-ground presence in the field.

Whether it's a regional expansion, short-term set-up, or brand new startup, Lykus support teams will be with you every step of the way.